11 Work From Home Jobs You Should Strongly Consider

If you are eyeing on real work from home jobs that would pay you handsomely, there could be one of two reasons for this.

First, you are very likely tired of being ‘bossed around’, tired of the daily hustle and bustle, and want a small business of your own. Second, you want to properly utilize this Lock-down and find a way to turn it into some productive time.

Either way, this article will guide you towards real work from home jobs that you should consider, each requiring very little extra effort to start today.

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Have you ever heard of Well, now you have. and others just like it, are platforms that allow people to rent their possessions and get paid for doing so.

You can choose to rent out anything from a bicycle to a car or even a lawnmower. More exciting is that these websites insure your possessions to compensate for the damages in case of an unfortunate event.

What better way to start a job without having to invest an extra penny? You are literally using what you already have to find a need (someone else’s), and fulfill that need.

There’s a reason why renting your possessions is at the top of the list of work from home jobs. It may not be as exciting as perhaps, a dream job for instance, but it is a good start.


The second least effort intensive, work from job on the list is Transcription. There is a huge market for transcription out there today.  People who do not have a specialized skill but do want to get into legitimate work from home jobs, should consider it.

All you have to do is to listen to audio recordings or watch videos and type it down in a word document. It does require you own a computer, and have okay typing skills. A good internet connection would do a you a world of good too.

Freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr provide massive opportunities for people in this line of work.

Don’t wait. Sign up to transcribe audio and video into script.

You should keep it in mind that Transcription is a time-consuming job. It may take hours for a newbie to transcribe an audio or video file only one-hour long.


work from home jobs writer

Writing is one of those skills that takes a lifetime to perfect. Nonetheless, the rewards of writing still give it enough authority to secure the third spot on my list of well paying work from home jobs.

Writing is well worth considering. This goes even for newcomers who want to make money while working from home. This is because it has a vast market and there are a variety of niches that do not require professional writing skills.

With this in mind, it can be difficult for new freelancers to get enough projects that would give them a big return in a short time.

Building a career in writing may take time and writing may not be for everyone. But then again, if nothing else on this list gets your creative juices flowing, writing may just be worth the try.

Make sure you have a stress-free zone, at work (yes, even your home office)…Look for a break room…No need for a fancy setting. All you need is some soft lighting and something comfortable to sit on. Put together a nice relaxing playlist and listen to it – Dr. Tasha Holland-Kornegay


Another work from home job that is worth taking into consideration is translation.

If you are fluent in more than one language, it may be time for you to put those skills into a business. Sometimes, even a new freelancer can, with some careful thought, make a business in translation.

With translation algorithms like google translate being in high use today, you may ordinarily think there’s no longer a market for human translators in today’s digital world.

However, the truth is far from it.

Translator programs only help human translators, not replace them. If you think you have a talent for this line of work, you should strongly consider it.


Blogging is a long term business and requires passion more than anything else. A successful blogger does not need to be a tech giant or a CEO of some kind. You just need to have the patience and passion to continue.

Truly monetizing a blog could take many months.

The initial months of writing, and putting out content could be rough. Moreover, not seeing the type of traffic you need to keep the lights on may be discouraging. In those early days, what would keep you going is the love for your niche in the first place, and the topics you’ve chosen to write about.

If you are passionate about blogging, consider it, and be patient.

From blogger to blogger (or would-be blogger), it will turn out productive if you give it time. Moreover, you can start yourself and put it all together from scratch.

As a matter of fact, this blog was self-created with the web-hosting company SiteGround. Check out my post on SiteGround here and how to start a blog using their awesome web hosting services.


Regardless of your search term for real work from home jobs, be it…

  • work from home jobs requiring no experience, or
  • work from home jobs for moms, or
  • legitimate work from home jobs, or perhaps even
  • work from home jobs near me

Blogging is always featured as a top item on the list. It requires no experience, you can start immediately, and earn a real living. Yes, it takes time, but everything worth having takes some real work.


Establish a pre-work routine. Working in the same place where you wake up, eat, and sleep can make anyone go crazy without proper boundaries in place – Marissa Owens. Opportunity Business Loans.


It is no secret now that businesses are willing to pay people who sign in to their websites and take online surveys.

The beauty of taking and submitting online surveys is, they do not require any particular skill-set.

survey jobs from home

Simply log-in, follow the set of instructions to submit of survey, get paid.

Note however that some of these surveys could be lengthy and thus time consuming. You’ll have to weigh the cost in terms of time, in relation to what the company is willing to pay you.

If you’re in search of survey jobs, a google search should give you a good list of businesses offering to pay you to submit online surveys. The best place however to start is Survey Junkie.


This brings us to the seventh job on the list of ideal work from home jobs. Data entry is one of the most demanded services in the digital market today.

Although the next statement may be true of data entry, it should not be viewed or misconstrued as a deterrent to entry.

Due to the simplicity of this job, you should know that the market is highly saturated with people just like you looking to do the exact same thing for cash.

By the same token, since data entry jobs do not require specialized training or skills, the job remains ideal for almost everyone looking make some dough from home.


Our next work from home job does require quite a bit of skill.

Search Engines like google and bing are constantly in need of people who would manually search for errors that occur due to a host of technical reasons.

The important thing is, the companies are willing to pay good money for people skilled in this line of work. All you need to do is get familiar with the way search engine algorithms work.

This job is on the list not because of its charm but because of the return it offers.

Everything is better in your pajamas


If you are at all familiar with graphic design, you might wonder why it so far down on my list – and for good reason.

Although lots of people have made a fortune out of this skill, graphic designing isn’t atop my list of work from home jobs because, it does require significant expertise to be able to land a starting role.

Making money comes after the skill is perfected and for most, that could take a pretty long time to happen.

Graphic design is an exciting and colorful way of making money if you have an interest in art and drawing. Learning a new skill is always worth it, especially if the return on investment is as high as it is in graphic designing.

The good news about graphic design however is, you can start today. Take a graphic designing course ( available free on YouTube), and start practicing.


Affiliate marketing is a form of global marketing. Yet, it is a work from home job because, it is marketing you can accomplish from the comfort of your home.

All you need is a computer and decent internet connection

It is not directly selling any particular good or service,  but rather, all you do is stand in as a conduit, and promote a particular product.

This could be done via a link on your blog (see how to start a blog), website or any other internet space you own or manage. You earn and are paid through the clicks you gain from your blog or website visitors.

Considering the global reach of affiliate marketing, it is truly the cheapest form of advertising for the product creator.

A major benefit of affiliate marketing is; with the right information on your blog or website, you can very quickly be respected as an authority figure in your niche.

This translates to larger web traffic and of course increased sales.

There are lots of affiliate marketers working full time from home earning upwards of 6-figures annually, and truly living the laptop lifestyle.



Affiliate marketing can be really rewarding, and cheap, if you have the time to build your site out via Search Engine Optimization, and the patience to be indexed by search engines.

Of course you can also invest in paid traffic for quicker results.

If you are interested in Affiliate marketing, one of the very best courses out there is the Super Affiliate System course by John Crestani.

In his course, Crestani teaches you, in 6 weeks, how to launch a successful affiliate marketing business and be profitable from the get-go.

Loaded with information, it may be one of the most comprehensive and practical affiliate marketing courses out there. He definitely tries to give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Check out my full review of John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System here.


Social Media Experts are becoming an in-demand phenomenon by the day.  Today, more and more businesses are trying to reach out to their audience via social media.

To do so, they sometimes hire people who are referred to in the industry as influencers (someone with a huge fan base) or social media experts.

If you are comfortable with social media apps or you have a large following, you can reach out to brands and offer them an advertising platform – yours – to showcase their product.


In conclusion, there are plenty of work-from-home job opportunities that can benefit you if you avail them.

Inasmuch as you do a few things:

First, discover your skill or your passion (sometimes either one of those will do for starters).

Secondly, you shouldn’t wait for the right time, or stars to align, or the next moon landing. You should consider pursuing that skill or passion immediately.

You could soon enough find yourself doing something you absolutely love, all from the comfort of your home, and making a good living too.


Are you working from home right now? Covid got you loving the pajamas lifestyle? I particularly love the commute.The snack bar is amazing and the restrooms are super clean.

Let me know if you’re doing any of the above work from home jobs or looking to start. Do comment below…

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