Super Affiliate System Pro Review

Super Affiliate System Review: Is it Really Worth it?

Super Affiliate System Review

John Crestani is a guy who’s been blowing up on the Affiliate Marketing scene of late. It’s only befitting I  present a Super Affiliate System Review for my readers. Let’s check out this already risen star and his course – The Super Affiliate System (A re-brand from John’s Internet Jetset System).

With Forbes projecting revenue from affiliate marketing to double in size by 2025 from its rough net worth of about $4 billion in 2015, it’s no wonder a lot of people, including you, are looking to join in on this highly profitable trend.

You are savvy, have done your research, and you know the best way to learn all there is to know about affiliate marketing is by securing a great course that shows you all the ropes.

But, with so many courses out there promising heaven and earth, it could be a daunting task separating the diamonds from the duds.

You are in the right place as I break down John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System. I highlight the pros and cons of the course, and aim to give you everything you need to make an informed decision on your purchase.

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Who is John Crestani

Many already know who John is on the affiliate marketing spectrum, but for those who don’t, here goes.

John Crestani is an affiliate marketing savant. He is an online marketer with a great level of expertise in the area of affiliate marketing. John possesses a great deal of knowledge in the areas of business development, internet marketing, Facebook Ads, and Google AdWords.

His story includes detail about how he honed his craft and became an internet marketing sensation while working for a marketing firm in his home base.

His unique skill-set afforded him the opportunity to generate and multiply revenue for the different firms he worked for, thus making him the top marketer wherever he worked.

Although he made a good living doing this, as fate would have it, Crestani was ultimately fired from his job. This turn of events opened the door for him to set out on his own and boy did he ever cash in on the opportunity.

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Super Affiliate System Review

As mentioned earlier, this latest course by John Crestani is one of quite literally hundreds out there. My goal is to give you the nitty gritty from my point of view.

At the end of this super affiliate system review, you should be better equipped to properly decide if this is the one for you.

At a price point of $997, the Super Affiliate System is one of the pricier courses out there so, it is only right you know all there is to know before making a purchase.

ohn Crestani Super Affiliate System

The course is a 6-week blend of 42 informational video style teachings, and 34 step-by-step or show-me-how-to type videos. Each provides you with all the hand-holding you need, to take you from affiliate marketing zero, to affiliate marketing hero.

The first couple of weeks show you basic information and are geared towards getting you in the right mindset to begin your own business. Let’s face it, affiliate marketing is a business – your business, and should be approached with a business frame of mind.

The system aims at making you successful using paid traffic methods; hence, the next couple of weeks dive into detail about how to use big name traffic sources including Google, Facebook and Instagram to drive leads and potential buyers towards your affiliate product.

You study website creation, niche selection, tracking and testing, affiliate networks, using click funnels and other strategies.

The final modules focus on scaling and automation. John Crestani vehemently claims he has what it takes to show you how to scale to making $10,000 each passing day.

Each of the modules is paired with take home quizzes and assignments designed to test your retention of the material.

It’s no joke, this guy actually goals to systematically build you into a super affiliate marketer with his course.

Next, as part of this super affiliate system review, let’s look at the course outline…

Week 1, Module 1 – Super Affiliate System Setup

The course starts by getting you in the right frame of mind, then quickly moves into setting up your website and ensuring it is ready for the avalanche of traffic the lessons you learn are designed to drive.

Some experience marketers may find this a bit trivial but if you are a newbie to online marketing or affiliate marketing in particular, this information is gold.

Week 1 goes over the following information:

  • Setting your own personal goals
  • Joining and getting approved on various affiliate networks. Clickbank, Digistore, etc.
  • How to set up your website to be optimized for affiliate marketing
  • Setting up Pre-sell pages and affiliate links
  • How to set up successful Facebook Ads
  • Leveraging Affiliate Networks and their reps, so they work for you (for free).

Week 2, Module 2 – Understanding the system

One truly big error made by a good number of online marketers is failing to fully understudy the framework of digital marketing before diving in.

Do not skim through or rush this module. There are tons of juicy nuggets in digital information that can be garnered from module 2.

Of all the modules in the Super Affiliate System, module 2 dives deep in to the research, and ties it all together with the application.

This module goes over the following areas:

  • The mindset of an entrepreneur (how to succeed even if you’ve failed in every other business in the past)
  • Affiliate niche research. Figuring out the best niche with offers to make you the most long term
  • Selecting the best Ad network for your chosen niche
  • Understanding and respecting user intent, and it’s pivotal role in turning leads to sales
  • How to set yourself apart as an online marketer

Week 3, Module 3 – Advanced Marketing Skills

After having successfully chosen your niche, set up your website with your strategically placed affiliate links, and put your mindset in the right place, the next item in the right order of progression is marketing to an audience just right for the picking.

In this module, Crestani teaches you to become a true marketer by first understanding what the needs of your audience is, what your audience is already looking for, and placing yourself in front of them with the best solution.

In Advanced Marketing Skills, you learn:

  • How to understand and use the important elements of copywriting
  • Advanced copy-writing – a discussion with Ronnie Sandlin who is a 7-digit copywriter in his own right
  • Crestani’s 17-step proven copy-writing formula that converts
  • Advanced optimization tactics to take your ads from being ordinary to becoming massively profitable
  • Tapping into your customer’s buy-now emotions

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Week 4, Module 4 – Google and Facebook Ads

It is not unlikely you have seen John Crestani’s Facebook or google ads at some point. Seeing those ads and wanting an honest review may be the reason you are reading this today.

At any rate, what he teaches you is exactly how to use those ads to generate sales, aka, income for yourself. 

You learn to boost your website’s traffic and your incoming revenue using two major ad platforms – google and Facebook.

There are testimonials of John’s student who were able to go from zero, to earning 4-figures daily after implementing John’s teaching.

Topics discussed in this module include:

  • Setting up Facebook Ads that lead to higher click through rates and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Staying compliant with Facebook’s ad policies
  • Understanding the various metrics used in measuring advert profitability
  • Understanding using Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads Dive-in with guest super affiliate – Brian Pfeiffer

Week 5, Module 5 – Native and YouTube Ads

Google and Facebook Ads are the primary source of ad traffic, hence the dedication of an entire module to teach them.

The potential, however, to expand your reach via native ads and YouTube ads, is astronomical.

In module 6, John dives into using native and YouTube ads, and explores the massive income potential that awaits you if these platforms are used correctly.

Module 5 covers the following:

  • How to Set up YouTube Ads
  • How to set up Outbrain native ads
  • Setting up MGID native ads
  • Setting up Voluum DSP native ads
  • Revealed secrets to profitable video ads

Week 6, Module 6 – Automation and Scaling

uper affiliate system automation

In the final module of the Super Affiliate System training course, you are taught how to 10x your campaigns and make them super profitable.

Crestani goes over the use of surveys within your funnels to capture leads.


Achieving the goal of becoming a 6-figure earning using the Super Affiliate System will require using each of these techniques exactly as prescribed.

Module 6 will go over:

  • The $240k Solar niche case study
  • How to use survey funnels
  • Campaign scaling, with larger upfront investments, to achieve daily profits of up to $20k
  • How to optimize media buyers
  • The student loan consolidation case study
  • How to effectively structure all your advertising campaigns

If you are interested but want to hear from Crestani himself, the Super Affiliate System Review course has a webinar you can attend to get a feel from your instructor.

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Bonus Items for you

As part of my super affiliate system review, I would like to mention bonuses.

There are several bonus resources not mentioned above when I listed out the six course modules.

At the $997 price point, you not only get the meat of the course (the 6 modules), Crestani added in some more resources to boost your learning and transform you into a super affiliate marketer.

Some of the bonuses included are listed below:

Super Affiliate System Ad Swipes

Every successful digital marketer knows the value in having ready to use ad swipe files.

Targeted Data

As a result of Crestani’s wide reach, you gain access to emails of prospective buyers and targeted keywords.

presell pages

The presell Pages available to Super Affiliate System students are a must-use. These become much clearer once you purchase the course.

In a nutshell however, they make your site stand out and drive conversions that lead to profits for you.

weekly coaching

John holds weekly webinars with students where he teaches and discusses updated marketing hacks to make you an even better super affiliate.

included marketing tools

Besides the bonuses above, John provides you with some really great out of box resources, especially handy for newbies and pros alike.

These are plug and play tools you can begin to use immediately and can fast-track you to success.

Some of the marketing tools made available by Crestani include:

  1. Images with high CTR’s (Click through rates)
  2. Winning ad copies
  3. Affiliate Networks ready to work with you
  4. Done for you landing pages, and
  5. Much more

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Super Affiliate System Review – Pros & Cons

PROS – What I Like about the Super Affiliate System

With the price point being what it is, you would expect that the system comes packed with information. I would have to agree that John Crestani does not disappoint. You will learn…

  • The Art of Copywriting – John has a 17 step formula for copywriting that vows even experienced marketers
  • Data Analysis – I like that Crestani teaches you to analyze data, then turn around and use that data to amass profits for yourself
  • Mindset teaching – There is no secret sauce to getting the mind right, but I like that he spends ample time in making sure you understand it all starts with you.
  • Research – The value of research is not downplayed, but rather stressed vehemently. Your affiliate marketing business is just that – a business, and research is key to any business’s success

I like that the course is newbie friendly. Once you are logged in and going through the modules, you will very likely get a quick understanding of how paid advertising works in the world of affiliate marketing.

More importantly though, you are taught the skills to use paid advertising correctly to boost your conversion and success rates.

Another thing I appreciate about the course is the ready to launch niches John hands his students. After doing the extensive research needed, some ready-to-launch campaigns you can tap into on day 1 include:

  • Skincare Products
  • Self Help
  • Probiotic supplements
  • Diabetes remedy
  • Brain enhancement, and others.

I also like that for students who are looking to get quick or instant gratification in the form of results (after all, you just dropped $997 on a course), Crestani teaches you how to get those quick results with paid ads.

CONS – What I don’t particularly like about the course.

The course only teaches you about leveraging paid advertising mediums. According to John, his initial students paid close to $5000 for the same course, so those buying today are getting a steal.

Nonetheless however, you will have to know that on top of the $997 for the course, you need to have at least $100 or so to launch your paid advertising campaigns if you want to see those immediate returns.

He does teach you exactly where and how to spend your ad cash which is a plus.

The course is super detailed and has essentially all of the meat you need to succeed, so it is a matter of preference. There are a few other courses out there that provide almost all the same detail, but are slightly cheaper than the super affiliate system price tag.

If you like Crestani however, and want to follow a proven leader, you’re likely to be okay with shelling out a little more upfront knowing you are learning from the best and will likely make way more back in the short and long run.

So, if you are comfortable with the paid advertising budget and are ultimately looking for that instant payday rather than having to wait, then this course is definitely for you and you can grab your instant access here.

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