30 ways to make money from home

30 Incredible Ways To Make Money From Home

Make Money From Home

The ability to make money and the opportunity to do just that are a combined blessing. Perhaps even better however, is the unique opportunity to make money from home. Making money from the comfort of your home not only opens up an array of opportunities, but, in some cases, the income potential is enormous.

There’s typically not much of a relationship between your area of advanced training (college for instance) and your online job. And there doesn’t necessarily have to be.

That’s the beauty of making money from home.

In this post, I have put together a nice list of ways to make money online. It’s a long read, but if you stick it through, I am confident one or more of these just might speak directly to you.

It truly doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something permanent, a side gig or side hustle so to speak, or, just maybe the allure of making some extra cash  here and there appeals to you.

If making money from home is something you are even remotely interested in, come on with me. Let’s get after it.

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1. Start A Blog

Becoming a blogger does not have to be a scary thought. Blogging really can be thought of as a hobby – a hobby with benefits, that is. Most blogs are born out of enthusiasm, and then blossom into online at home careers.

An amazing fact about blogging is you can start almost immediately. Just pick your subject area – preferably an area you naturally have an affinity for and are knowledgeable about. I would also throw in that you should probably like talking about the particular subject area.

When friends and family learn you launched a fishing blog for instance – it should make sense. No one should go…Larry? Fishing?

Your blog could be about parasailing, or tiny houses, cooking, travel, personal finance, cryptocurrency, carpentry….the list is endless.

SiteGround is my go-to web hosting  company to start your new blog. They are faster than Bluehost and you get your domain name and web hosting in the same place


2. Make Money from home on fiverr

Fiverr  is an online site that connects buyers with digital  or online sellers. Digital nomads work on Fiverr and charge as low as $5 to hundreds of dollars per gig. All depending on the nature of the job of course.

Type of work you can do on Fiverr include data entry, website building, graphic design, search engine optimization, etc. 

The more you do, or can take on, the greater your income potential. Another metric that drives success on Fiverr is reviews. The better your reviews from previous customers, the greater the likelihood of landing more gigs.

GrooveSell Free

3. Launch an E-Commerce Website

Many people hear of e-commerce sites and rightfully so, immediately think of shopify. But, have you heard of GrooveSell?

Groovesell rivals shopify in that it provides you everything shopify does to create your e-commerce store. What’s better however is, as at the time of this post, Groovesell is 100% free. What?

GrooveSell creators decided to give a portion of their platform away for free to users as their way of paying it forward during the Covid-19 pandemic. While they of course hope you check out the other features like GrooveEmail, and GrooveAffiliate, etc, GrooveSell is 100% free. For life.

You could be soon on your way to setting up your own e-commerce site and driving traffic to it to make money from home. All for the popular price of free.

Check out my full GrooveSell Review.

Make Money on Udemy

4. Make Money from home on Udemy

Were you born with a bit of the teacher gene? Udemy is a site you can sell teaching courses. Don’t skip this just because I say teaching courses.

Udemy is not just for teachers.

Practially anyone ( and it’s being done everyday) can create a course and sell for massive bucks on udemy.

Udemy is really an amazing platform where you teach novices to become semi-proficient at a skill they desperately need, and will pay for.

Many educators see Udemy as that stepping stone. If you create a course and sell it on Udemy, and it does well, you know you can very quickly scale and create a detached site of your own. Just like that, you’re an online mastermind.

Becoming an online educator is a great way too, of earning recurring income and making money from home.

Survey Junkie Piggy

5. Register With Online Survey Companies

Online survey companies have received a good amount of flack over the years. There have been more than a few uncouth or scammy companies giving survey taking a bit of a bad rap. Nonetheless, making money from home taking surveys is still very much a thing.
Companies like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars will pay you cash or points, to take surveys. Cash speaks for itself and needs no introduction. Points however may need to be teased out. Some of the companies let you accumulate points as you take surveys. You may then redeem these points for some cool merchandise.
Virtual Assistant working from home

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

Businesses everywhere are looking to scale and scale fast. One major way to do so is to outsource. Advantage you. 

Companies, or businesses I should say, are turning to independent contractors to handle everyday tasks. This allows the business owner to focus on what they are good at – running the business. 

Sites like Upwork , Fiverr and Guru already have your advertising platform created for you. All you have to do is sign up, create your profile, and describe what you would like to do. There’s literally the need for every type of skill out there. Naturally, the greater the technicality of the skill, the higher the pay.

Clickfunnels dotcom secrets

7. Check out Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to make money from home. If you have a blog of your own like we mentioned above, or a website, this is an amazing advantage. As your site traffic grows, you can begin to make some serious passive income.

Media.net and Google Adsense are programs you can sign up for to have related advertising content posted to your blog site.

If you however do not have your site, there are many digital sellers out there just begging for you to become an affiliate marketer for their products.

Clickbank is a very popular marketplace, that links sellers with affiliates, and it is free to join. You open an account, browse the marketplace for products you would be passionate about representing and marketing, and apply to join in.

Most of the applications are a formality. You are allowed in within minutes and can immediately begin promoting on your social media platforms, or to friends and family. If a sale is made through your link, you earn a commission.

Learn more about affiliate marketing with this Free Affiliate Marketing E-book

8. Be A Respondent Beta Tester

Respondent is a company that pays you to beta test upcoming products and provide feedback to the companies developing the software being beta tested.

It is easy to sign up and something you can do with your spare time, or perhaps after your regular 9-5. Just be sure to sign up for beta testing marked as remote. We are talking making money from home here.

How it works…

  • Create and verify your profile.
  • Respondent’s smart algorithm matches you with, and sends you research fitting your profile.
  • You’re invited to a study, based on your schedule
  • Meet the beta-testing requirements by submitting a detailed write up of the software or item being tested,  and 
  • You get paid via Paypal after respondent keeps their 5% fee.

Beta testing is a great way to make money. It is also something you can scale over time, depending on your individual schedule.

Make money from home Rakuten Ebates

9. Make Money From Home With Rakuten

Rakuten (re-branded from Ebates) is a site that lets you earn cash back for shopping you would do anyway. 

As at the time of this post, Rakuten has over 2500 stores, and counting.

How exactly does it work? Stores, a lot of them, pay Rakuten a commission for sending customers – you, their way. Rakuten, as a token of their appreciation, share the commission with you as cash back. Genius.

But how do I make money from home with this you ask? If you happen to be a social butterfly or have a huge audience, Rakuten has a referral program. They actually pay you for people you refer to the site. Like affiliate marketing, this adds up to good money very fast for some.

10. Try Peer to Peer Lending

Make Money from home

Peer to peer lending is one of the easiest ways to dip your toes into investing and making money from home at the same time.

With peer to peer lending, you are effectively standing in as a lender, and giving out loans directly to borrowers. Sites like Lending Club, Lending Tree and Prosper make this relationship possible.

Because peer to peer lending is open to several individuals who otherwise cannot approach a bank, you can earn great return rates.

There is, like in any other investment, the risk of losing your initial investment. You can mitigate this by investing in a slew of micro loans with several other lenders just like yourself.

Article Writing from home

11. Write Freelance Articles

Everyday, ordinary people all over the web are getting paid to write. You could join the fray. 

Do you have decent writing skills and knowledge about a particular niche? There are sites that would allow you to create a profile and meet up with potential clients.

These sites include fiverr, textbroker, Upwork, and guru. Get started by offering your services on any or all of these platforms. As your success grows, your business grows with you and you could be on your way to being an independent writer. Thus, giving your the ability to pick and choose clients, and make a whole lot more.

watching movies

12. Got Swagbucks?

Swagbucks‘ slogan is – let brands know what you’re thinking. Check this out! The company will pay you to watch movie trailers, videos and more. You get rewarded with free gift cards to use as you please.

Swagbucks is not going to bring you in a ton of make money from home cash. Nonetheless, if you are fotunate to have a few hours nightly to burn, might be a good idea to swag some bucks while at it.

Make Money from home gif

13. Make Money from Home with Data Entry

If data entry or clerical work is already something you love, this could be the dream. You get to do what you’ve always done, but now, in your pj’s,

The aforementioned Upwork is a great platform to land data entry jobs. Some of these jobs are temp jobs, or temp to hire gigs. But, there are literally always jobs to take on, so you can be as busy as you choose to.

publish a book on Amazon

14. Make Money From Home as A Publisher

If there’s an area you’re an expert it, monetize it like whoa!

  1. Start a blog (mentioned above)
  2. Write Freelance articles (also already mentioned), and thirdly,
  3. Publish a book

If you’re going to be making money from home, doing it with an area you have some expertise in just makes it fun. Applying the triple threat – that’s just genius.

The most common way to publish and market your e-book is via Amazon’s kindle program. My brother used Amazon’s services to publish his book in both hard-copy and e-book versions.

Amazon is great because they help you through every step of the process, and then market and ship your publication directly to your customers.

I share an affiliate marketing e-book on my blog. It’s free, but nonetheless, could be useful to you as a reference item for your e-book.

See my free affiliate marketing e-book below.


15. Make Money From Home on Flippa.

Ever heard of flippa? It’s a on online marketplace where website sellers and buyers meet up to transact business. 

If you’re good at picking what’s going to be hot in few months, you can register the domain. Once it’s primed to be a household name, someone will pay you a pretty penny for it. Imagine if you had registered the name ebay or guru. 

Another strategy could be to buy domains who are struggling, spruce them up with graphics and traffic, then sell for a profit.

16. Become An Online Tutor

Do yo have a natural affinity towards teaching or tutoring. Are you good at math, Piano, or the sciences? Online tutoring could be your gig and the site Chegg may just be the best platform to check out.

You’ll need a bit of a go-getter attitude on this one as you’ll have to market to schools in your area. Build some trust however, and your clientele pool simply never dries.


making money from home pet sitting

17. Make Money As A Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is gaining more and more popularity and sites like Rover are making the gig more accessible than ever.

Rover connects you with busy pet owners in your local area needing your services. You can sign up to pet sit, dog walk, or even dog train – whatever your fancy.

Pet sitting is a nice way to make money from home. You set your hours, and the rates are not bad at all.

beautiful mustang on my pennies to dollars

18. Rent out your Car

Now popular site Turo, let’s you rent your car out. You can rent your car out while you binge watch TV. Write and publish a novel. Work on your blog. Pet sit. Tutor your students, or, take surveys.

Turo makes it pretty easy too. Steps involved are…

  1. List your car (it’s free to do so)
  2. Set your price and rules for would-be renters
  3. Agree on pick up/drop off locations, and
  4. Sit back and earn.

Turo covers you with $1million liability insurance coverage from Liberty Mutual. You can also pick from a range of physical damage protection plans, just in case your car gets damaged on a trip.

You pick the plan that’s right for you based on your individual situation. Top tier protection would cost a bit more, or, you can pick a lighter plan, and take on greater risk. But, you get to keep more of what you earn.

19. Rent out your Home

Staying on the topic of renting, you can rent out your home via AirBnB. The way the world lives is changing and hospitality is changing right with it. The largest cab company is Uber and now the largest hotelier is AirBnb.

How much you earn renting out space in your home will depend on a number of factors. Are you going seasonal, or all year long? Renting out just a room or giving your renters full access? What kind of amenities will your particular rental come with? The larger the space (and perks), the more you stand to make.

AirBnB renting doesn’t have to be for everyone, but, it could be for you and the one of many ways you make money from home.

20. Be An Online Coach

Just like with teaching, you can sell your knowledge skill set in your area of specialty as a coach. There are limitless orders out there for true coaches.

Becoming an online coach is an amazing way to make money from home. Your clients learn from you to be simply better then everyone else in the area your specialize in.

Your expertise is what sets you apart and earns you the right to bill yourself out as knowing what you’re selling.

A site like Coach.me provides you with a platform to meet and interact with potential clients needing your coaching.

start a youtube channel image

21. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube recently scared off a lot of would-be YouTubers with their new channel monetization rules. If you’re confident however you have what it takes to get 1000 subscribers and more, plus 4000 watch hours within a 12-month span, YouTube is for you.

Truth is, right next to it’s parent company Google, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Quite literally billions of videos are watched on YouTube daily. That’s billions with a B.

You can make money on YouTube via ads the platform runs before and during your videos. There are also relevant ads strategically placed around your videos and within the eye-view of your viewers.

Making money from home on YouTube can be rewarding if you can build your audience (subscribers) and drive views. Last I found, you make on average about $2.50 per 1000 views of your video. Just imagine how much those video creators with millions of views are raking in each month.

Could be all the motivation you need to launch your own YouTube Channel.

22. Make Money as A Graphic Designer

If you have a creative eye, this is for you. Most businesses in your locale could probably use your help.

With an amazing tool like Adobe Illustrator, you could create eye-catching designs and sell to companies. The more of these gigs you land, the greater your legend grows, and the higher the fees you charge will be.

23. Become a Freelance Consultant

Much like coaching in point number 20 above, being a consultant is a skill. An expertise you have and can sell for profit.

You could be an expert book-keeper, or marketer, or just great at small start-ups. More than likely, there are companies right within your geographical location, willing to jump on zoom calls with you to consult and fix their issues.


24. Launch An Etsy Store

This one’s for my artsy and craftsy readers. Etsy is a very popular platform and marketplace for creators to sell their handmade crafts.

If you have a passion for creating eye-popping handmade crafts, oh, and the space to house all these, Etsy is for you.

Once you’ve started and built a customer base with Etsy, Groovesell would be more ideal for you to run your now thriving e-commerce business,and keep all the income you make to yourself.  Since GrooveSell has no fees, you would not have to worry about your revenue being reduced like you would with Etsy or Shopify.

25. Become A Virtual Assistant

Make money from the comfort of your home being a virtual assistant. If you’re one of those super organized people and are just known for keeping things in order and everyone on task, this is for you.

Entrepreneurs, bloggers, small business owners, and a host of others hire virtual assistants constantly. You can do data entry, manage social media accounts, perhaps a little bit of bookkeeping, etc.

It’s very easy to find V.A. jobs on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

beautiful landscape image

27. Take and Sell Stock Photos

Are you a talented photographer, or just love art and have been told you take lovely pictures? You can turn this into a way to make money from home.

Shutterstock is a site you can sell your images to. Content creators are always in need of stock photo with which to bring their stories to life. It’s an amazing way to earn passively since you get paid each time someone licenses one of your images.

The better way to go however (if you want to scale and focus on this) is to build your own photography business with a site, showcasing your entire portfolio. Drive traffic to this site and your business could grow exponentially.

Siteground web hosting is super fast and lets you get your photography or any other niche site up, in no time.

28. Make Money From Home Translating

Fluent in one or more languages needing translation? Look into being a translator. Companies needing your services will hire you to work from the confines of your home, translating speech and script.

This could be one of those work at home jobs you do in conjunction with one or more items on this list to make yourself a full fledged, making money from home expert.

29. Do Tax Prep For Individuals

While seasonal, tax prep can be rewarding for certified tax preparers. According to a study by the National Society of Accountants, done as far back as 2010, individuals paid a tax pro an average of $229 to prepare their 1040 with Schedule A, together with a State tax return. 

And yes, there’s been a lot of technological advancements, and, there are a lot of free and do-it-yourself tax tools out there today. Nonetheless, there are still just as many people willing to pay you, to pay a keen eye, and get their take preparation done right.

The income tax school can train you online to become a certified tax preparer in time for tax season.

Beyond tax preparation, you could use skills learned during your certification to help clients with their tax strategies for the upcoming year. This could bourgeon into a new business that carries on through the year for you…all from home.

voice over artist my pennies to dollars

30. Become a Voice-Over Expert

Anyone ever tell you, you sound like Samuel L. Jackson, or that you have that radio voice? Might be time to cash in on those God-given golden pipes.

From large corporations, to small and medium sized YouTubers, everyone is looking for quality voice over experts for videos, animations etc. They’ll each pay you good money for it too.

Fiverr and Upwork already created the platform so that’s done for you. Simply sign up, build your profile, upload a sample of your angelic tones, and start taking orders. This is truly an amazing one since you can start with minimal equipment and scale.

You will eventually want to invest in some medium to higher end microphones at the very least to project your voice and really start selling.

Wrap-Up on Making Money From Home

There’s no better time to look for ways to make money from home than right now. 54 million American have already decided to forgo the day job commute and work digitally from the comfort of their homes.

You could join those ranks as soon as today.

From launching your own blog to creating a free E-commerce store, and so many other ways in between, starting to make money from home is a very big possibility and a vision you could very well have for yourself as soon as now.

Dive into the comments below and let me know if you have already, or would be adopting any one of these methods to make money from home.

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