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Legendary Marketer Review

Many people ask me a lot of questions by virtue of the fact that I run a blog. Quesitons range from what is blogging, to, how do I start a blog, and what is Legendary Marketer or affiliate marketing, and lots more. The most popular question by far however is, what got you started? How exactly did you know to start blogging?

To properly answer that, I think it’s only right to take a deep look with a complete Legendary Marketer Review. A deeper dive, so to speak, into starting an online venture – how I began, and the course that got me here.

When I started my online journey, I had no idea where to begin, or what to do for starters. What I did know however was, if I was going to have the slimmest shot at succeeding, I would need the right training.

Perhaps just like you have, I started my research and discovered every guru, mastermind, teacher, expert on the web today. It’s amazing just how many courses there are on every little thing today. It’s so hard to tell what’s real from not.

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Then I found Legendary Marketer…

Enter Legendary Marketer. I stumbled on the Online marketing toolbox while scrolling through YouTube one day and as the cliche goes, the rest is history. In Legendary Marketer’s back-office, I found a lot of things that I will do my best to be open and candid about in this review.

In Legendary Marketer…

  • I found an online marketing end to end teaching database, like i’d never seen before,
  • A pretty substantial price tag. $2500 is a lot (just being honest)
  • Tons of value for my money however
  • A group of individuals looking to assist one another learn and grow in the field of online marketing
  • Lots more

In this Legendary Marketer Review, let’s pop the hood of the online marketing teaching system together and see what it truly is all about.

Table of Contents

What is Legendary Marketer

In a nutshell, Legendary Marketer is a full online marketing training program. It was put together by CEO Dave Sharpe with a host of low end to high end marketing products you can tap into as a student.

I Think of Legendary Marketer as an a online marketing degree obtained from an amazing institution that just so happens to be non-accredited.

Most of the products Legendary Marketer offers, or teachings I should say are delivered in video format. You get to learn at your own pace and follow step by step as you are taught the skills to thrive in the online marketing space.

They also have weekday Facebook calls, weekly webinars and in-person mastermind events for super high-end students.

Legendary Marketer Review

To get into Legendary Marketer like I did however, it’s only $7 and definitely worth the price of admission.

For $7 you get to go through Dave’s 15-day challenge.

During this time, you are exposed to some of the concepts and really get a bird’s eye view to what’s possible.

Some people walk away after the 15-day challenge and get great value from it.

For others however, the journey only just begins after those 15 days. A journey into truly filling your own online space and starting to learn to make a living from it.

An intriguing part of Legendary marketer is, during your 15-day challenge, you are assigned a business advisor.

This is someone who works for Legendary, yes, but if they do their job right, are all about you and your journey.

You may not have any idea what you want to do online or how you plan on doing it.

This person’s job is to help you fill in the blanks, and draw up a successful business plan.

For me, that turned out to be blogging. Blogging about money, savings, personal finance, etc. For others it’s becoming a super affiliate marketer, and yet others still, becoming an online coach, etc. 

When it comes to marketing, we’re all marketers in some shape of form. It just takes identifying the product, then learning how to position it in front of the right audience.

That’s what Legendary expertly helps you do, in a nutshell.


Pro Tip: If you are unsure, get into Legendary Marketer with one of the low end offers. Go through the 15-day business builder and then decide. Do not allow yourself to feel pressured into any decisions. Weigh the odds, map out a clear path, you’ll find you eventually make the right choice. For you.

Is Legendary Marketer Newbie Friendly?

The very short answer is yes.

The legendary marketer training, right from the 15-day challenge, is tailored toward the newbie marketers.

If you’re new in the online space, or just trying to find out what’s there, you probably do not even consider yourself a marketer. The course identifies directly with you.

It is also great for intermediate marketers who have succeeded in making a buck or two, but need to scale their businesses.

Legendary Marketer is all about giving you the tools to succeed in any online space, and at any level.

Legendary Marketer Review ricing


The course starts out with 15-days referred to as the 15-day business builder challenge.

In 15 days (and you can cover in more or less time if you choose), you discover your inner online marketer and decide what it is you want to do online long-term.

It is geared at opening up your mind to the possibilities, quieting any fears, and building up your confidence. Heck if I could do it, anybody truly can.

Below is the Legendary Marketer 15 Day challenge or Business Builder Outline…

Day 1 – The #1 Secret to Building a High-Profit Business Online

Day 1 is a video introduction to Legendary Marketer hosted by Dave Sharpe. It goes into detail about what the company is about and what they expect you to get out of the teaching.

  • Setting your own personal goals
  • Completing your Digital Marketing Assessment Quiz.
  • Prep to schedule your first call with your advisor

Day 2 – The Core 4

Day 2 is more compelling video and teaching. It lays out the the Core 4 top high-ticket business models online

  • The core 4
  • Be in business for yourself, not by yourself
  • Discussion with your advisor scheduled

Day 3 – Building a Business Live Training

Day 3 is pre-recorded training session of one of Legendary Marketer’s coaches and successful online marketers, Steph. Before you, she builds a business and shows you how it’s done.

  • Building a business, step-by-step, with Steph.
  • Setting up your funnel modeling Legendary’s bridge funnel
  • Meet Legendary’s 30+ person team

Day 4 – The inner Game of Wealth

Legendary Marketer Review Banner

Day 4 of Legendary Marketer’s 15-day challenge is about mastering the inner game of wealth.

It is also about gaining clarity as to the why, behind your online marketing journey. The thought is, the why is what will fuel you and push you to action.

  • How to master the inner game of wealth
  • Completing your clarity process questionnaire.
  • Read and consume the details in the book, rich dad, poor dad.

Day 5 – Your Business Plan

Day 5 is a pivotal day in your 15-day online business challenge. Right at this juncture, you are ready to prepare and develop your business plan and discuss same with your advisor.

  • Begin and complete business plan class
  • Complete your business plan
  • Discuss goals with your coach

Days 6 Through 15

Days 6 through 15 are unlocked by your advisor and look to answer burning questions you have may through this point.

  • How to learn high-income skills
  • When to scale and go full time (quit your job)
  •  Copy-writing skills
  • Outsourcing
  • Making your first online sale
  • Lots more.


Legendary Marketer Review: Attributes

Amazing Attributes of Legendary Marketer

There are several great features about the Legendary Marketer online marketing course. Lots of time and research went into putting the legendary marketer products together and it does show.

Some of the best features are listed below:

Really is an online Marketing Degree

There is a ton of value packed into the legendary marketer training modules. I like that if you go through the training, you will find meaningful information to help start and build your business.

The Insider’s guide to affiliate marketing e-book is packed with over 90 pages of actionable affiliate marketing secrets. At just $1.99, it includes the bonus of access to the 15-day online business builder challenge which is amazing value.

There’s also the Copywriters playbook for 2020. Again, at $1, it is a powerful copywriting course, offering tips and tricks to grow your skills as a copywriter. If you walk away with just this legendary marketer book and nothing else, you still win.

Oh, and it comes with the bonus of the 15-day business builder challenge, as well as a 1 on 1 business plan consultation.

Then there’s Legendary Marketer’s Club with Original Shark of ABC’s show, Shark Tank.  

What Legendary aims to do is over deliver on value and from my experience with all the modules, they are doing quite well at it.

Legendary Marketer Review Back Office

They Stay In Tune with Change

Legendary Marketer stays in tune with the changing times. You don’t get a training system that becomes outdated after a few months while trends change.

They only recently added the daily (Mon-Fri) calls. Plus, the 15-second leads and copywriters playbook are 2020 add-ons.

Even the older items are getting revamped. Marketer’s club videos are constantly being updated and the business builder blueprints are refreshed on an on-going basis, making the training so much more appealing.

Awesome Affiliate SYstem

Hands down one of the best affiliate systems out there.

You come in to Legendary marketer to learn to succeed online. For me, building my business plan meant understanding I was going to become a blogger and learn to earn that way.

But, with the training being as great as it is, you can also become a super affiliate by marketing legendary marketer products.

For starters, legendary marketer grants you access to the completely built funnels for all their front end products. This means if you use ClickFunnels, you can auto load all those pre-built funnels into your account, customize them with video or script as you please, and integrate them with any email auto-responding service

For users of GetResponse, Aweber, or SendLane, Legendary marketer has a built in integration within their back office.

Firstly, it means you can have legendary follow up with the leads for you, you do it yourself, or you both follow up. And secondly, if any of your leads were to sign up for Clickfunnels, GetResponse, Aweber or SendLane, you get to keep the commissions on those purchases as well.

This is so good for newbies as you get to see great growth from the beginning.


The support team is very responsive and always seem to be available, even at add hours. This is great because as a newbie myself, I had and still have a ton of questions.

The Facebook group is filled with people who are experienced and always looking to answer your questions. Once you join legendary marketer, you have access to all these support systems and you will be glad you do.

included marketing tools

Besides the items and accesses above, Legendary Marketer provides you with some really great out of box resources, especially handy for newbies and pros alike.

These are plug and play tools you can begin to use immediately and can fast-track you to success.

Some of the marketing tools made available by the sytem include:

  1. Images with high Click Through Rates
  2. Winning Facebook ad copies
  3. Amazing newbie friendly back office, ready to help you make your first $ online
  4. Done for you Funnels, ready to upload, and
  5. Much more

Truth is , you are taught how to make money with Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer Review Pre-Conclusion

Thumbs Up

Legendary Marketer Pros.

Legendary Marketer has got a lot of pros to it. Check out any online teaching course and each will have it’s naysayers, and Legendary marketer is no exception.It however has great value for what you pay.

  1. Amazing welcome and on-boarding program with a your own business advisor
  2. Daily calls to keep your head in the game
  3. Amazing newbie friendly back office, ready to help you make your first $ online
  4. Done for you Funnels, ready to be imported and deployed on day 1
  5. Constant updates to Legendary Marketer books and Products
  6. Traffic Rolodex teeming with paid traffic sources to tap into
  7. Great affiliate program with pro affiliate bonuses not seen elsewhere
  8. Support system is top-notch

Thumbs Down image. My pennies to dollars

Legendary Marketer Cons.

As you can imagine, there are things about Legendary Marketer I do not like.

Regardless of how amazing a program can be, it will always leave something to be desired and this is the same for Legendary Marketer.

  1. Legendary Marketer focuses solely on paid traffic to begin your online marketing journey.
  2. You are not guaranteed a spot in the affiliate program.
  3. There’s a small monthly fee, to stay a pro affiliate and earn the best commissions.
  4. Some of the mastermind events which would be amazing to attend for the value, are also super expensive to gain access to.

Final Legendary Marketer Review Round-up

As a Legendary Marketer user, no doubt I am a bit slanted. It just pays to be honest. But, that said, you get a ton of value for what you pay at Legendary. 

The saying, you get what you pay for couldn’t be more appropriate.

Is Legendary Marketer Multi Level Marketing?

No. It absolutely is not.

There’s only a single affiliate system with Legendary Marketer. There are no downlines and all that MLM stuff. Plus, you do not even need to buy into Legendary Marketer to promote it. 

Is Legendary Marketer Just another scam

I am living proof that it is not. I am very comfortable writing this Legendary Marketer Review.

Myself and several hundred other people have gone through the course and learnt necessarily skills to start a side hustle. Many have gone on to become full-time online marketers – a place I hope to find myself someday.

Is Legendary Marketer A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Legendary Marketer a pyramid scheme? No. It is not. You don’t have to buy any of their marketing tools to sell them. 

You can absolutely decide to go through the 15 day challenge and become a marketer for all of the other Legendary Marketer products.


That’s entirely up to you.

Each one of us is different, and the situations, no doubt will vary from one home to another. Legendary Marketer’s high price tag is definitely no pocket change. Neither was my master’s degree or my CPA review course for that matter.

That’s the way I look at it. We’ve all always had to dish out good money for the best things we have. This is no different.

Start off by getting in on one of the low-end offers, and go through the 15-day business builder’s challenge to test things out.


If you’re looking for a complete done for you system. And I mean, a 95% of the front end work done for you system, my #1 recommendation will be John Thornhill’s partnership to success program

He sets up the back office, funnels, email sequences, all of it for you. At $497, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than Legendary marketer. You can always then come back to Legendary after a few weeks or months to fully learn how to be a successful online marketer.

But with Partnership to Success, at least you can earn while you learn.

This would be my recommendation for a Legendary Marketer Alternative.

If like me however, you’ve decided Legendary has all the tools you need, good for you. See you on the inside.