How The Xelliss Compensation Plan Can Help You Make Money

Xellis Compensation Opportunity Plan Overview

On this site, we love finding unique ways to help people make money so they can be more financially successful.

While some people may shy away from network marketing or MLM, there’s no denying the fact that it’s helped quite a number of people escape poverty and step into prosperity.

A have a few friends who have told me about Xelliss and so I promised them I would look into it a little bit so I could become more educated on the comp plan (AKA – MONEY) side of the biz.

If you’d prefer to get the highlights quickly, you can watch this video I put together.  Otherwise, read on….

The Retail Portion of the Xelliss Compensation Plan

One of the biggest complaints about Network Marketing is that the pay is so small per customer that it takes a team of what seems like millions of people to make any real money.

This is why I really like the retail part of the Xelliss plan.

Basically, they made it so, you can gather a handful of customers and still make a decent income.

The biggest example here would be if you gathered 50 customers who were buying 2 of the flagship products per month, you could earn right around $2,800 per month.

That’s pretty do-able and cool right?

I think so.

Another complaint of MLM that people often cite, is that everyone is so focused on the opportunity that no one cares about the products and therefore, in MLM you don’t actually have a real business.

Well this retail part of the plan is so strong that it will likely incentivize reps to actually gather customers.

This is good for the profession.

Team Portion of the Xelliss Compensation Plan (AKA Residuals Part 1)

Xelliss is structured in a binary setup.

You get paid 12% of your lesser leg which equates to about $4 per customer assuming the other side is balanced.

Some binaries pay as little as $1 on your lesser leg, so I would say Xelliss is on the high side of the payout in the binary category of MLM companies.

I’ve built binaries before and the thing I love the most about them is the excitement they build.

Because you’re stacking reps in straight lines, for the most part, there usually is LOTS Of spillover if you have builders above you.

This is so exciting because you can see your business growing, sometimes without you, and for leaders it’s so fun to help the people below you by giving them business.

The potential of binaries is exciting as well, as they can grow so long and so far that the income potential can be STAGGERING!

Xelliss Compensation Plan Check Match

Re-highlighting one of the complaints above about MLM, we might be tempted to criticize the $4 payout in the Team portion of the plan.

That would be short sighted due to the check match.

Starting at the Ruby level, leaders can earn even more residual as a percentage of the reps in their group.

This makes it so residual in Xelliss can be MUCH higher than the previewed $4 residual payout.

That’s pretty cool and any time companies pay people more residual income, I’m a fan. 

Ranked Legs Rank You In The Xelliss Network Marketing Company

One more complaint leveled against many network marketing opportunities is that there are so many FLIPPING hoops to jump through in order to get paid.

I really hate when a rep puts in the work to build an income, gather customers and build leaders, only to find that the company has put in some trick, to steal their commissions.

One potential form of this, is when companies make it so you have to have X number of personally sponsored people at a certain rank in order to collect all of the income you built.

In case you don’t know, there is this thing called Breakage, which basically means money that the company keeps via a loophole, versus paying it out to the field.

Leadership requirements can be one way companies do this.

What’s great about Xelliss is that they mad their rank advancements dependent, not on personally sponsored leaders, but rather, on leaders throughout your organization.

This makes it easier to achieve and maintain rank, so you can keep earning all of the income possible.

It also makes it so leaders are financially incentivized to reach down and help people, even if they didn’t personally sponsor them.

I think helping people is a good thing, and it’s great that Xelliss is rewarding this in their comp plan.

Xelliss Compensation Plan Conclusion

As far as traditional network marketing compensation plans go, Xelliss seems to have done a great job, implementing some standout features as illustrated in this post.   Kudos to them!

I hope this article has helped on your journey to evaluate the Xelliss Comp plan so you can make the best decision as you continue to move forward on your freedom journey.

Thanks for reading and whatever you do, always go for your dreams!

Paul Hutchings

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