My pennies to dollars is a personal finance publisher that does not offer any financial advice, nor advocate the purchase or sale of any particular security or investment for specific individuals or group of individuals. I aim to provide you with real-life shortcuts to financial freedom that I have tried out myself, as well as other avenues I continue to research and explore.




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The Easiest way to kill your financial momentum is to start comparing it to someone else’s…

Hi, my name is ‘Damola Jr. and it’s my goal is to inspire people across our world to invest more, earn more, save more, and live free.
I am a 30 something year old husband and dad who, like most of us, is navigating through life, joggling jobs, side-hustles, debt, bills, and that elusive American dream. I created this blog to chronicle my journey through conquering everyone of these milestones and invite you to come along with me.
My pennies to dollars is a melting pot of real life strategies to help you get from where you currently are financially, to the place of your dreams.

‘Damola Jr.

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You will find a lot of my posts will steer you in the direction to change what you are currently doing, or, augment what you are doing with a few unconventional ideas to build the life you deserve. The life we all ultimately deserve.


Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.