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14 Amazing Retirement Jobs every Retiree would love

14 Amazing Retirement jobs

Retirement is a great time of life and  an amazing spot to find yourself. You might argue being retired should top the list of 13 amazing retirement jobs, and I would say you’re probably right.

You’ve worked extra hard, put in the long arduous hours to cater and fend for the family for many years. And now you’ve earned the luxury of kicking back and binging on your favorite shows.

There comes a point in almost every retiree’s stint into retirement, however that you find yourself with that insatiable itch. It’s an itch to get back into the swing of things. Sound familiar?

You may fall into one of these categories. Just looking for a retirement job to help beef up your bank accounts. Looking to buy that something extra you’ve been eyeing, or heck. Just hoping to enjoy the feeling of being around other people once again.

Any one of these retirement job options might work for you.

It’s your retirement. You can spend it how you please.  You could choose to alter directions if you so desire, or you can tap into the power of the lifelong skills you perfected while still a member of the work force and become a consultant.

The list below of 13 amazing retirement jobs is a great start to give you an idea of what you may be interested in as a side-gig.

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Topping our list of 14 amazing retirement jobs is being a writer. If the idea of being a writer ever intrigued you at any point in your career, opportunities to do just that abound today, more than ever before. Amazon makes it so easy for you to write and publish your book.

My brother published his book with Amazon and raved about how working with the company took a lot of the angst out of the process.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is free which is pretty awesome. You can choose to publish exclusively to Kindle, but with a little bit of added effort, Amazon will also publish you new book in print. Check out Amazon’s publishing here.

retirement jobs writing and blogging


Second on our list of 14 amazing retirement jobs is blogging. Hey, you knew I had to bring this one up. I am a blogger and doing this has definitely added value to my life as a whole, and opened avenues for me to get my creative juices flowing that I never imagined.

You could write about your own passions, and build your following organically, or, about your area of expertise while in the workforce. Better yet, your writings may be to just fill a void you clearly identified.

Ultimately however, the goal is to add some extra cash into those retirement coffers.

Some examples of niche areas to tap into would be sports and outdoors, fishing, home improvement, finance, do it yourself (DIY) to mention a few.

Teaming up with affiliate networks in your chosen niche to market their products, gives you a way to have those passive income streams on a constant flow, while you do the hard (but fun) work of researching your chosen niche, and putting out great content for your readers.

You will need to register a domain name and choose a hosting company for your blog. Many bloggers today love Bluehost for hosting. There are several alternatives however with SiteGround and Bluehost being two of the very best.

I built My Pennies To Dollars with SiteGround and absolutely love and prefer it. I go into detail about setting up your own site in these previous posts.

How to Start a WordPress Blog on SiteGround

How to Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost


These are quite easy to source locally. Depending on how long you’ve lived in your own community, you may even be familiar with some of these, or done business with them yourself in the past.

There are always events in need to people to handle setup, organization, tear-down, parking, etc. This evergreen need makes this perhaps, the easiest job to source of our list of 13 amazing retirement jobs.

Consult your local Temp agencies for upcoming events where you can be of service. You’d be surprised some do pay a pretty penny. If you’ve still got it and can handle the stress and rigors of being an event staffer, try it out.


eal estate agent retirement job

Real Estate Sales / Property Management – There are typically several amazing retirement job opportunities in real estate. The typically range from actual real estate private and commercial property sales, to property management.

If you choose to go into real estate proper, know that this is a highly demanding (on the mind and body). It is also a competitive field, and could feel like more of a full-time, get-after-it type of retirement job. That could go against the relaxed atmosphere you had in mind from the get-go.

Apartment complexes always seem to have openings for friendly, detail oriented people to meet with and sign up potential renters.


retirement jobs for teachers

Do not let this one put you off. Even if you’ve never been a teacher before or even have a degree, some places will hire you on as a substitute teacher.

Being a substitute teacher is definitely an amazing retirement job. Substitute teachers can make upwards of $50 each day and, demand for substitute teachers is rather high.  In a large enough school district, you could very quickly find your substitute teaching retirement job becomes a full-time endeavor. Thus, bringing in more cash for you than you initially anticipated.

Signing up as a substitute teacher is usually atop the list of options of amazing retirement jobs for teachers.


A close and viable second to substitute teaching is being an ESL Tutor.

There are companies out there ( for example) who hire on people with teaching experience as English teachers to children all over the world. Your teaching experience doesn’t have to be specific to having taught English, which is a plus.

ESL Teachers’ pay average is roughly $20 per hours. Downside, if there is one is – you need to be a college graduate. This is nonetheless another great option of retirement jobs for teachers.


Many retirees get into Insurance sales as a second act. Firstly, as it turns out, it is a very lucrative niche and secondly, it is a personal portfolio booster.

It is relatively easy to study and obtain a license to sell various life insurance policy packages including life insurance and liability insurance.

Residuals are especially rewarding as insurance is a commodity most of your clientele need to have and hold on to for life.


If you love kids and perhaps don’t have any little kids or grand-kids of your own to look after, look for retirement work at a daycare center.

This is a passion driven job for retirees however, as working at a daycare likely attracts only minimum wage.

You have to really love caring for those little munchkins to make up for the not so handsome paychecks.

If you’d rather care for aging adults, you can check out local retirement home jobs.

Retirement home jobs are just as rewarding if you love caring for others. Plus, they give you the comfort of knowing chances are, someone else may be taking awesome care of you at a retirement home sometime in the much later future of course. What goes around tends to come back around.

child care retirement jobs


Yet another item on our list of amazing retirement jobs is affiliate marketing. There are lost of companies out there who could use your services in marketing their products – and are willing to pay you handsomely for it too.

It’s a win win for you and the company

They save heavily on advertising costs, and instead, pass on those advertising dollars to you. When done right, affiliate marketing turns out to be an amazing retirement job for many.

If you have any type of influence, perhaps large social media presence, substantial e-mail list, or just a ton of followers in general; affiliate marketing could pay you very well as a retirement job.

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Another way to get back to work in retirement, is to become a freelancer. Several freelance sites like, and, are available at your disposal today. Simply sign up with your site of choice and create a profile detailing your skills, and how you can be of assistance.

Think of these sites as a meeting point. Lots of people are out there with a need, you have the potential to meet that need with your skill, and fiverr or guru brings both of you together. Some choices or skill-sets that you can post on any one of these sites include content writer, website builder, graphic designer, virtual assistant, life coach etc.


taxi or uber driver retirement jobs

Uber, Lyft and other companies in the personalized delivery niche have taken the world by storm of recent and are only increasing in popularity.

They give you an excellent opportunity to make money in your retirement, working only on the days you want to work. Sign up with,,, and others to find out more.


There is substantial prospect of using the experience you already have to service others’ needs. You can become a business consultant, or mastermind if you have that experience, or you can become a life coach assisting others in finding success at something you did.

For very little investment, you can create a website telling potential clients about the services you provide as a consultant or coach and why you would be the right one to hire.

Just be yourself, tell your story, and then let your story be the driving force behind traffic being generated on your site. See my detailed breakdown of how to set up your own site and get it up  and running in very little time.


etirement jobs as a pet sitter

If you love pets, and the opportunity to pick your own hours, this is the amazing retirement job for you.

You can start this strictly as a side-hustle to give yourself the flexibility.

There’s also the prospect of looking for established pet sitters who are running out of band-width to cover all their clients, and earn that way.

Pet sitting is an attractive niche. It pays anywhere from $18 to $25 and hour depending on your particular location and demographics.


retirement job working as a photographer

Photographer – The opportunity to become a photographer is particularly unique as it is something you can start pretty quickly and dare I’d say rather easily.

You can become a photographer in a matter of days, depending on how adapt you are at mastering the skills.

There are several companies that you could seek out on the web that’ll actually offer equipment and training in exchange for taking school pictures, for instance.

If you prefer to acquire the training on your own, and LinkedIn Learning provide some good courses you can take on your own time that teach you the basic skills to become a freelance photographer.


These 14 amazing retirement jobs are fantastic opportunities that you may not have considered. Each one provides it’s own unique opportunities and advantages to suit your retirement lifestyle.

Other not so common ways or just making some money on the side in retirement..

Before you run out and secure your  new amazing retirement job, consider the lifestyle you want to live first. It’ll help you make a good decision about what to do and enjoy.

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