Hi, and thank you for visiting my personal finance blog. My goal is to inspire people who come across my site to invest more, earn more, save more, and live free. My name is Damola Jr. I am a 30 something year old husband and dad who, like most of us, is navigating through life, debt, bills, and that elusive American dream. I created this blog to chronicle my journey through conquering everyone of these milestones and invite you to come along with me.




You will find a lot of my posts will steer you in the direction to either make minimal changes to what you are doing, radically change most of what you are currently doing, or, simply augment what it is you are doing right now with a few fresh ideas to build the life you deserve. The life we all ultimately deserve.
Damola Jr & family
Damola Jr & family

Hey! Practice Makes Perfect

Perfect hubby (not really)

Dad in training.

good to know.

I have a beautiful bride  and two amazing kids. Together we live in Dallas, TX. I love the lord and attend Life Church. I believe whoever finds God, finds life…

Work Experience.

My work experience is split down the middle over two decades. I spent 10 years in restaurants & hospitality. Now i’m closing in on a decade in finance and accounting.


CPA. MBA, Oklahoma Christian University. B.A. University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond OK. National Diploma in Accounting – Lagos State Polytechnic, Lagos.

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I love seeing debt erode and finally disappear. In it’s place – a whole new world of possibilities open up. It’s what does it for me….what keeps me motivated.


Paris tops my list of favorite spots visited. I do however love annual trips to the Caribbean with the wifey.


Rich Dad Poor Dad and Midas Managers. Both absolutely powerful in opening the mind up to what’s possible.


Coming to America. Don’t judge me. I grew up with next to nothing in a third world country. That movie spoke to me. Still does.


Give me some Hillsong Worship, some Alicia keys, then sprinkle in a dash of Michael Jackson here and there and i’m good to go.

My Pennies to Dollars

My pennies to dollars is a melting pot of real life strategies to help you get from where you currently are financially, to the place of your dreams


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What moves me.

I started my pennies to dollars in mid 2020 to chronicle my journey and help others in my shoes through the process of finally conqering debt and living free.

It is still very early in the game, but I can feel the momentum shifting. I think the home team has a chance of winning this thing. I didn’t come this far to only come this far. It’s go time.