Being a newbie in any business is tough. 1K a day fast track is structured for exactly those who fit the bill.

If you are interested in uncovering the secrets of success in affiliate marketing, this 1k a day fast track review may just be all you need. 

Merlin Holmes reveals all his insider tricks to affiliate marketing success over 6-weeks of training for students who subscribe to his 1k a day fast track course. The initial pitch is presented via a webinar (more on that later). 

Detail provided is actually pretty good, and at the end of course, an invitation is extended to prospective students to change their outlook on work, life, and the art of making money; by coming on board.

Come with me on this ride while I break down all there is to know about Merlin and his course in this 1k a day fast track review. Spoiler alert, it’s a pricey course, but ratings suggest, it’s well worth it.

I will do my best, in this 1K a Day review, to give you all there is to digest, so you can make an informed decision about whether Merlin and his 1k a day fast track course is for you.

Table of Contents

Who is Merlin Holmes?

Merlin is a multi-million dollar earning internet marketer and entrepreneur. He hails from Denver, Colorado.

He began his internet marketing success story about 15 years ago and has since made a name for himself by earning millions of dollars as a top clickbank affiliate.

Like many other entrepreneurs, aside from Clickbank, he widened his revenue streams and currently earns across scores of different markets.

Part of his resume also includes consulting gigs for multi-million dollar and billion dollar companies.

He is known as stressing the un-importance of being a “marketing genius”.

Essentially because though very well known on the marketing scene, the major part of his earnings come from his large online company.

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1K A Day Fast Track Review

The 1k a day fast track program is the latest course from internet success and marketer, Merlin Holmes. My goal is to give you deep insights, from my perspective and experience, to help you make a buy or pass decision.

At a price point of $997, the 1k a day fast track program is a top-tier priced system and Merlin sets out to prove he has the goods.  Since it is one of the pricier courses out there, it is only right you know all there is to know before making a purchase.

What is the 1k A Day Fast Track Progam?

1K A Day Fast Track Tutor

Over the course of 6-weeks, students are taught by Merlin.

Using video and informational type training, accessible only to paid members in the member section of the course, he breaks down his art of making $1000 daily.

The idea is to help the average Joe or Jill, with little or no experience in online income making. By the end of the course, students are transformed from wide-eyed rookies to fully trained, online money making soldiers.

First couple of weeks show you basic information. They are tailored towards getting you in the right mindset, getting you a fast track marketing MBA degree so to speak, and help you in setting up commission ready accounts.

The next couple of weeks are centered on scaling and poll deployment (Poll taking is the science behind Merlin’s system)

Final weeks of the 1k a day fast track course go over ad creation and drafting an elaborate plan for future income streams. It’s all aimed at converting you into that money making digital nomad.

You study niche selection, ad campaings, tracking and testing, affiliate network partnerships, the art of building and using funnels, and other strategies.

At the end of the 6 week program, you should know…

  • The right products to market (what people have already shown willingness to buy
  • Exactly how to sell such products – Merlin reveals his secret of how to find out what  these products are
  • You should know how to copy and paste effective headlines
  • Convert same headlines into a poll question that sparks curiosity
  • How to convince potential clients to leave you their email addresses
  • How to position your products in front of your collected email clients, and
  • Earning instant commissions while building your email lists

Shown below is the entire $1K A day 6 week course outline…

1k A Day Week 1 – Quick Commissions

Initial module of the 1k A day fast track Merlin program is a grueling 5-day marketing master’s degree session. You are taught the essentials of quick commissions and how to make them begin to flow in.

Even for the seasoned marketers out there, this is fresh information and a whole new angle presented by Merlin Holmes.

Week 1 is designed to go over the following detail:

  • General overview and welcome to 1k A day fast track
  • Joining and getting approved on various affiliate programs hosted on Clickbank
  • How to find your way through the course modules
  • Setting up PreSell landing pages and affiliate links
  • Expectation setting
  • Training your mind the right way, in preparation to succeed in making money online.
  • Discovering your personal earnings potential
  • Quick commissions, and how.

1K A Day week 2 – Understanding Polling

In this module, you are opened up to Merlin’s secret sauce – Polling. You get to understand the science behind taking polls and the power polls wield.

I wouldn’t rush this module. This is essentially the material that sets the 1k a day fast track program and it’s successful students apart.

Of all the modules in the 1K a day fast track System, week 2 dives deep in to the research that backs up polling, and brings it all home with how to apply the research to your advantage.

Week two goes over the following areas:

  • The science behind polls and why they work so well
  • Building your first poll. Where to start
  • ClickFunnels Polling. Part 1
  • ClickFunnels Polling. Part 2
  • Acquisition and set up of your custom domain
  • Landing Page, aka poll page customization
  • Legal stuff – privacy policies, terms of service, etc.

1K A Day Fast Track Week 3 – Emails

Now that you understand the power of polls, time to blend in the power of communication and re-communicating.

Your average customer sees an offer several times before making a buy-now decision. This module teaches the power of constant contact.

In week 3 of the fast tracks com program, you learn:

  • The importance of an email marketing software system
  • Setting up your business email tied to your domain
  • Getting your own SendLane account set up
  • Integrating your email to SendLane
  • Integrating SendLane to ClickFunnels
  • Writing and customizing email templates
  • Building your very own email automation sequences

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Week 4, 1K A Day – Automation

1K A Day Fast Track Automation

Automation is the true secret behind scaling any business.

Module 4 of the course goes into the detail of creating your own automation systems.

These are deployed to work for you from wherever you are and are timeless in operation.

The topics discussed in this module include:

  • Using Clickbank
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) Networks
  • Gaining an understanding of metrics 
  • Gaining a competitive advantage
  • The secret to killer offers

1k A Day Fast Track Affiliate Program

Week 5, 1K A Day Fast Track – Native Ads

While most traffic sources are well known, some are hidden in plain sight. 

Merlin uses week 6 of the 1K a day fast track program to dive into native ads via RevContent and drawing traffic.

Native ad sources are still relatively under-utilized by online marketers. This potential power is what week 5 looks to uncover.

Module 5 goes over the following:

  • What exactly is Native Advertising
  • Traffic Traffic and more Traffic
  • How to set up your traffic rolodex
  • Setting up RevContent ads
  • What to do if your ad gets denied
  • Ad targeting via RevContent

1K A Day Fast Track Week 6

Make money online fast

The final module of the 1k a day fast track course is all about looking to the future.

Merlin Holmes covers future income streams and continued sustenance.

Module 6 of the course will cover:

  • Part 1 of the Amazing Money Model
  • Part 2 of the Amazing Money Model

If you are interested but want to hear from the man behind the secret formula himself, the 1k A day fast track has an evergreen webinar you can hop right on.

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How Exactly does 1k Fast Track work?

The entire system though intricate, is actually quite simplistic, and easy to learn and adopt.

Uses a 2 page funnel

The program runs on a two page sales funnel that converts. This two page site does not stop at being just another squeeze and thank you page. It also doubles as a poll page with a yes/no question.

Most poll page viewers are proven to click through.

native advertising system [REVCONTENT]

Merlin stresses using native ad networks like RevContent. With cost per click rates much lower than the advertising giants Facebook and google, newbie marketers can dip their toes in with minimal costs, see results, then scale up.

RevContent, at about $0.29 cpc, is the preferred method 1k a day fast track teaches, to place ads.

included marketing tools
  1. Tried and true landing page templates
  2. Pre-written thank you page with cash generating script
  3. Email swipe files with training on how to use them, and in what sequence
  4. Bonus ad packs to use in your business
  5. Free Titan of Traffic training
  6. Secondary account for business partner
  7. Endless team 1k a day fast track support

1k a day program guarantees

You might be happy to know that there is a fully backed guarantee.

If you purchase the 1k a day fast track system today, and realize for any reason it does not fit your needs, Merlin guarantees a full refund if the request is received within 30 days of initial purchase. 

Your purchase is via clickbank – who also have a 30-day money back guarantee backing on any item sold on their platform.

This is awesome because you can get your money back for the program rather easily, and don’t have to speak with anyone either.

It’s also nice to know that Merlin also guarantees his students success.

In his words, “if I can’t make you money, I don’t deserve yours”. He promises to be in touch with you personally, and help you to succeed. This is for students who follow his exact blueprint but don’t make any money in 90 days.

The Fast Review Pros and Cons

Thumbs Up


What to like about 1K A Day Fast Track

  • Teaches you to start earning affiliate commissions quickly. One of the best courses to do so.
  • It is tailor made for newbie online marketers
  • Program comes with some awesome bonuses to get you started
  • Comes with pre-built sales funnel and auto-responder
  • Full 30-day money back guarantee on the front end, and 90-day success guarantee on the back end.
  • You pay for the course one-time. Unlike something like wealthy affiliate where you have to continue to pay every month indefinitely. Look for my wealthy affiliate review coming soon.

Thumbs Down image. My pennies to dollars


What not to like about 1k a day fast track

  • Price tag of $997, while comparable to other good programs out there, is not exactly cheap. The returns are however more than worth it.
  • The course teaches you to make money via paid ads. You’ll have to have an initial budget of at least an extra $100 on top of the course purchase price.
  • Initial webinar is too long, and includes money visuals that may put some people off.

In Conclusion

I personally think, if you do what he teaches, you get  your money’s worth, and then some. The idea is to work smart, rather than hard, using ads and automation. He teaches that.

Guys like Merlin know what it takes. There isn’t a lot of fluff in his teaching. Follow his instructions to the T, and watch your online success begin to take off.

The webinar goes a bit too long for me, and flashes a tad bit too much of his wealth. But, if you stick with it and you’re not put off, this is actually a very good course for you. It has all the tools to help you begin to make $1K A day online.